How to Leverage Managed Services for Incident Response and Vulnerability Management


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You will learn:

Bringing in a managed service provider to assist in your IoMT security objectives can accelerate progress toward risk reduction goals. Without a plan in place, however, it will most likely result in wasted resources and subpar performance. In this talk, security experts Jeremy Linden and Jon Benedict will walk through a simulated response exercise for processing, handling, and triaging real H-ISAC alerts.

Topics include:
  • How to select the right managed service provider to meet your organization’s IoMT security goals

  • How to build processes around remediating vulnerabilities, responding to security incidents, and creating metrics to measure progress.

  • How to set and evaluate IoMT security goals alongside your MSP

  • a live Q&A

Learn from an Industry Experts

Jeremy Linden
JOn Ben2

Jeremy Linden

Sr. Director of Product Management Asimily

Jeremy Linden is Sr. Director, Product Management at Asimily. He has over 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry as a product manager, engineer, and security analyst. Prior to Asimily, he led product management at Expanse, where he built pioneering external attack surface management products Expander and Behavior. Before Expanse, he led product management for security analytics and threat intelligence at OpenDNS, where he owned the Umbrella Investigate threat intelligence product. He has prior experience at Lookout, Arbor Networks, and other pioneering security companies.


Jon Benedict

Medical Device Security Principal CynergisTec

Jon Benedict is Medical Device Security Principal at CynergisTek. Mr. Benedict is responsible for the definition, creation, and execution of the customer-facing Medical Device Cybersecurity program. He oversees the assessment and coordination of cybersecurity standards, policies, and procedures for CynergisTek’s Healthcare Delivery Organization (HDO) clients. Most recently, Mr. Benedict served as the first Product owner of the TRIMEDX Cyber Solution where he then transitioned to the Director of Cybersecurity Enablement where he was responsible for integrating cybersecurity technology and services to help Healthcare Delivery Organizations significantly reduce the risks associated with their fleet of connected medical devices.