Threat Detection & Incident Response for IoT


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You will learn:

As attacks on healthcare and life sciences organizations grow and evolve, internet of things (IoT) devices are becoming an increasingly large target. But most companies’ incident response plans were written for a pre-IoT world, creating risk by not adapting to the unique capabilities and constraints of IoT. In this discussion, hear from top security leaders in healthcare and life sciences discuss their experiences building and executing an incident response program for IoT. Understand what concepts can be imported from your traditional IR program, and which will need to change. From maintaining an inventory to having the right detection technology stack, this will be a holistic view of the state of incident response on IoT and a look towards the future.

Topics include:
  • How you pull together the right combination of people, processes and technologies to enable your detection and response operations quickly and effectively;
  • How IoT is becoming increasingly more important for cyber-insurance underwriting but few organizations have implemented an effective plan;
  • Real-world experience in Incident Response for IoT, shared by security leaders.

Industry Experts

Murad Dikeidek-1
Kevin Torres-1
Ali Youseff-1

Jeremy Linden

Senior Director of Product
Management, Asimily 

Murad Dikeidek

Head of IS, University of Illinois Hospital

Kevin Torres

VP IT/CISO, Memorial Health System

Ali Youssef

Dir. of Medical Device & IoT Security, Henry Ford